The ultimate massage guide to the best 

massage ever!

Choose your therapist carefully if possible.

Book in advance.

Get regular massages or at least do things that will ease your aches and pains, like stretching.

Don’t say “You can’t hurt me” or “Go as hard as you want”.

Don’t make sex jokes or flirt.

Use the correct term “massage therapist” not “masseuse”.

Tip if Your a Client /Do Not as a Patient 

Take a shower or at least clean your feet.

Keep in mind that I am not a counselor.

Don’t drink booze before or after.

Get undressed to your comfort level but realize how that may limit my work.

Show up early or at least don’t be late.

Stop thinking massage has to hurt to be beneficial.

Come in already hydrated don’t help me move your arm, head, etc.

Stop worrying about your cellulite, scars, unshaved legs, bony back, etc.

Don’t choose trendy treatments like hot stone.

Find out more about the types of massage your therapist gives.

Don’t say you don’t want upgrades like deep tissue and then ask for it in the middle of the massage.

Don’t bring up politics, religion, or controversial topics.

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