Covid-19 Policy & Protocol




  • Extending time frames between each client in order for sanitation protocols to be completed with the use of EPA-certified disinfectants on all surfaces, doorknobs,  chairs, seating, bathroom fixtures, etc.
  • Protection for all massage tables /equipment will plastic mattress coverings underneath all spa sheets to ensure and prevent bodily fluids from coming in contact with table toppers and warmers
  • Sanitizing of all plastic coverings prior to applying spa sheets 
  • Staff members are required to wear PPE in order to minimize and protect clients and themselves
  • Providing contactless methods of payment and cash tip envelopes for gratuity to be issued
  • Completing detailed cleaning procedures and EnviroShield Disinfectant Sprayings to maintain sanitation
  • Encouraging and insisting that clients who are sick, have COVID, been directly exposed to COVID or are ill to remain at home, quarantine and recover

Tissue Issue is taking the recent virus outbreak along with the security and peace of mind of our clients  and staff very seriously. All procedures are done to ensure the safest and most sanitary environment possible. We are continuing to maintain a high level of awareness and cleanliness within our establishment based on our existing principles as well as using accurate and up to date information coming from the CDC.

If you are showing symptoms of the flu, a cold,  COVID-19 like symptoms, have been diagnosed and/or recently treated, we cannot receive you as a client at this time. If you become ill prior to your appointment date,  please stay home until you are fully recovered, and reschedule at a later time. As of July 18th, 2020 COVID cases  have increased drastically. If you have recently traveled within the US or abroad near hot spots, please give yourself a two week quarantine to monitor yourself for possible infection before scheduling your appointment.

Once you arrive, if, for any reason, a client that received services before you has not exited the building, we may ask that you  remain in your vehicle until the lobby area is available for you to enter. (A sign will be on the door).  Everyone that enters and exits the building must wear a face mask (personal protective equipment or PPE). If you do not have one, one  can be purchased from us for $3.00. 

Upon arrival, we will check your temperature with a contactless thermometer to verify your current temperature. It is the discretion of the technician, management and/or staff if services can be rendered or if a reschedule is preferred. *If a reschedule is necessary, you will not be charged a rescheduling fee.*

Everyone is required to wash their hands once you arrive for a minimum of 20 seconds per CDC guidelines. After washing your hands, you will be directed to the assigned service room.    

During your service, if you are receiving a massage, your mask can be removed only when you are lying face down (or prone). Once you rotate face up (or supine),  you must wear your mask for the remainder of your visit until you exit. 


We ask that you wait at least 3 days after receiving the vaccine (1st and 2nd dose) before receiving your appointment with us. We prefer to be cautious and safe for the sake of you as our client and our staff as well.


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