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About Me

Pain Geek

Pain is the body’s way to scream for help

Toni Hale-Tinner

Our passionate team of massage therapists are led by Toni Hale-Tinner. Toni is a highly experienced massage therapist and has an extensive background in holistic healthcare. She has trained extensively in various massage techniques and developed her own specialty techniques after years of research.


Toni and her team strive to help clients find soothe and peace through an array of treatments. Here at Tissue Issue Inc. we strive to provide individualized treatment plans that address both physical and emotional issues, depending on what you're dealing with. We believe in creating a comfortable, relaxing environment to ensure your time with us is as effective as possible. 

Why Tissue Issue?

The Unforgettable Experience
Come visit us today to start your journey towards total body relaxation! We guarantee it will be an experience like no other. Our intent is to bring balance between mind, body and spirit through healing massage techniques - enabling each individual to reach their highest potential in health and wellness. Trust our team at Tissue Issue Massage Suite for a holistic healing experience that you won't regret! Our premium in house oils, performance sheets, add cushion and memory foam face cradle provide an unforgettable experience with every visit. We use only the highest quality products and equipment to ensure a positive experience each time you come in. Start your journey towards total body relaxation and improved wellbeing today! At Tissue Issue Massage Suite, we are dedicated to providing exceptional experiences for our clients, starting from the moment they walk through our doors. With a commitment to empathy, respect, and professionalism – we guarantee to provide a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. Trust us for the ultimate therapeutic experience - where holistic healing meets luxury! Come visit us today and start your journey towards total body relaxation - you won't regret it! We look forward to seeing you soon! Stay safe and take care!

Treat our clients with respect and give them the most exceptional service.
Pay close attention to their needs and provide hands on experience from the beginning to the end.


Relief from chronic pain

· Improved circulation 

· Reduction of stress & tension

· Improved flexibility & range of motion 

· Improved posture 

· Relaxation


To offer a range of massage therapy services, tailored to your individual health needs.

Core Values

At Tissue Issue Inc., our team of certified medical massage therapists strive to provide the highest quality care for our clients. We do this through a shared set of Core Values:

  1. Respect: We treat everyone we come in contact with – from our clients, to each other – with respect. 
  2. Compassion: Our holistic approach allows us to be attentive and understanding towards others so that each one of our patients can find meaningful relief. 
  3. Innovation: We are always looking for new ways to help people improve their long-term health and wellness through creative therapies and treatments. 
  4. Community: We believe in building strong relationships within our community and beyond by connecting people with resources and services that will benefit them. 
  5. Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do, from providing a comfortable and safe environment to delivering an unforgettable experience each time you visit us. 

These Core Values act as our guiding principles and help ensure that every person who comes to Tissue Issue Inc is provided with the highest quality medical massage therapy available. You can trust that when you come to us, you’re getting the best care possible!

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